Drybecks Wood Cabins 

Whilst Camping Pods have become increasingly popular on many sites around the country, at Drybeck we feel they are rather uniform and homogenous.  However as a structure Camping pods are very functional and effective.   So we have now put our own quirky and characterful twist on the Camping Pod idea with our own pods, or "Drybeck’s Quirky Cabins” as we call them. Built locally we think you will love them!

The Wigloo is the first of our takes on the Camping Pod concept.  Looking a bit like a wooden igloo we have christened it the 'Wigloo'. Whilst being a portable building it is more substantial than a yurt. It does have a circular skylight in the middle of the roof like a yurt. It contains a double bed, wood burning stove, and whilst being ideal for a couple, it is possible to put in extra bedding for 1 or 2 younger children.  In its first season there was a  kitchenette inside the Wigloo.  However for 2017 it will have one of Drybecks fully equipped cookhouses to the side of it for your own sole use leaving plenty more room inside. The cookhouse will have a hob / cooker, fridge, running water and a full range of utensils and equipment.



Coming for 2017 The Lantern House – Sleeping up to 6